As the major account during my tenure as ECD at content marketing agency, Edge – I guided the creative for a number of digital, social and content projects. From the running of a real-time social media newsroom through to content and digital initiatives that cut through the telco space clutter.

Yes Dolph

Breaking the Rules

To communicate an offer around breaking contract with rival Telco’s to join Optus, we called in help from 80’s action hero, Dolph Lundren. Asking the public to tweet the rules they hate the most, Dolph broke them down with custom video responses – including a very badass method of breaking the rule of toilet seats needing to be put down after use.

Origin Voice

Real-time social media stunt

The client bought into the idea of printing giant sized tweets at the State of Origin, to provide fans who couldn’t attend the match a larger than life voice. Problem was, we couldn’t pull off the idea in the stadium… The experiment saw record engagement levels on several Optus social channels.


April Fools content stunt

What do you get when you mash up the topics of pets and mobile phones? You get ‘Fidophone’. Inspired by the Scandinavian startup hype video, we created a short film that garnered online and mainstream media attention.

Yes Cracker

A Christmas tradition reimagined

Leading an integrated agency campaign, we took the idea of a simple Xmas cracker into the digital and content realm. More than 115,000 crackers redeemed in-store revealed a unique code delivering one of 3 rewards: A pay it forward gift (keep or share via Facebook), a donation on behalf of Optus to a charity of your choice and finally, a twist on the classic cracker jokes we know and love – using video content.

Social Media Newsroom

Breaking through the Telco clutter

My tenure on the account saw the retainer of a highly successful social media newsroom, covering a range of output across several channels. We took many of these channels from average to completely dominating the Telco space, with engagement metrics nearly double that of competitors.

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